About Materials: How to Care Cow Leather?

Cow leather is a non-perishable, flexible, and breathable material. One of the tanning processes of cowhide is slicing, and the top layer sliced is known as the first-layer cow leather. 25Home leather furniture is all made of top-layer cow leather, which is durable, natural and high-end.

The first-layer cow leather is the best leather material. It has good elasticity, strength, and plasticity. Not only that, the first layer of cowhide is water-resistant, wear-resistant, and glossy. Despite all the advantages, there are still some cautions when using leather furniture.

  1. Do not be exposed to strong sunlight for a long time. Damage caused by high temperature to leather is irreversible.
  2. Do not close to the heat resource, such as fireplace and radiator.
  3. Do not clean the leather surface with wet towels.
  4. Alcohol can not be used to clean the leather.
  5. Do not jab the leather with sharp things.
  • If you want to clean your all-leather furniture, please use dry towels or professional cleaning cream.