About Materials: What is Nappa Leather?

In 1875, the Sawyer Tanning Company of Napa, California, U.S.A. adopted a new tanning technique to produce a surprisingly soft and delicate leather called Nappa leather. Therefore, the original Nappa leather refers exclusively to the soft leather produced from the Napa region. After more than a hundred years, the concept of Nappa leather has become broader and broader, which can refer to from sheepskin to first layer cowhide. Nowadays, Nappa leather is synonymous with all soft leather. However, there are still some characters that can differ Nappa leather from others.

  • Soft and Fleshy

The texture of Nappa leather is soft, therefore, furniture made of which is comfortable and soothing when you sit on it.

  • Silky and Smooth

Touching Nappa leather is like touching the skin of a newborn baby, which is fine and smooth.

  • Made ofFull-Grain Calfskin

It requires the full-grain calfskin to make the Nappa leather because it has to maintain the natural texture. Therefore, only top furniture, bags, and cars will use Napa leather because the material selection is very strict. It can be said that Nappa leather is only suitable for high-end products.

After introducing the characteristics of Nappa leather, here are some suggestions on how to maintain it.

  • Avoid direct sunligh

Nappa leather can be bleached by direct sunlight. Therefore, the light factor should be taken into account when choosing the location.

  • Choose proper leather cleaner and preserver

Please do not use stain removers, turpentine, or gasoline as cleaners. Please do not use shoe polish or floor wax as leather preserver either.

  • Regular dusting

Please dust the Nappa leather furniture with a soft and slightly damp cotton cloth regularly. Please remember not to use microfiber fabric rags.