About Materials: What is Natural Latex?

Natural latex is a viscous and milky liquid. It is characterized by high elasticity and flexibility. The natural latex mattress is modern ergonomic bedding that can provide a healthy sleep. It is made from natural latex through processes such as molding, foaming, vulcanization, washing, drying, molding, and packaging.

Mattress is an item between the human body and the bed used to ensure that consumers get a night of healthy and comfortable sleep. There are various mattresses, such as spring mattresses, palm mattresses, and latex mattresses, which can bring different sleep experiences. The latex mattress is one of the most latex-consumed products, which endows them the characteristics of the high elasticity, vibration absorption, great breathability,  and durability.

Natural latex products are made of natural latex formed by foaming plastic mold, therefore, they will have countless pores to provide excellent permeability, elasticity, and endurance. However, Synthetic latex is generally made from petroleum by-products. The feel and smell of synthetic latex are very different from those of natural latex. Since synthetic latex is a chemical product, it not only smells but also will damage the human respiratory system. It has a short service life and is easy to sink. In addition, the bedding made of synthetic latex can not absorb water, and it is easy to breed mold and dust mites while using.