About Materials: What is Saddle Leather?

Technically, saddle leather is a type of cowhide. It is named saddle leather because the cantle of the saddle was made of this kind of leather. Saddle leather is made from high-quality cowhide, double tanned with chromium and vegetable, and soaked in various oils, such as Mimosa and Chestnut.

The saddle leather is smooth, soft, glossy, heavy, and thick, which makes it water-proof, oil-proof, and lasts longer than normal cowhide. Furniture made of saddle leather allows you to see the natural grain and texture of the cowhide and to smell a little of the vegetal scent. Saddle leather provides you both the Italian luxury and a minimal lifestyle.

One of the characteristics of saddle leather is the ability to self-repair. The leather will secrete Patina oil, coupled with natural texture and wear, to deepen its bronze color and present a vintage beauty as time goes by. If there are scratches appearing on saddle leather, it just needs to rub the scratches by fingertips, then, the body grease can remove the subtle scratches.