Design Inspiration: Alpine Snow

Many of us want to travel around the mountains and lakes but are confined by house and work. Under the moon and among the sun, the mountain is a fusion of tough and soft. The wind carves its ridge and the snow endows its streaks. Salo Glossy Sintered-Stone Top Dining Room Set is the Alpine Snow in your kitchen, making you enjoy the natural beauty inside your house.

Salo Glossy Sintered-Stone Top Dining Room Set is a product of nature. It is made of sintered stone, which is both aesthetic and functional. The naturalness of sintered stone creates its uniqueness. Some sintered stone is as white and flawless as the snow of the Alps, while others are like bare ridges, full of primitive patterns. It is impact-resistant, scratch-resistant, high-temperature-resistant, impermeable, and easy to clean, which makes it a perfect material for a dining table.

Salo Glossy Sintered-Stone Top Dining Room Set is also a product of crafts. Its sintered-stone top and glossy stain are supported with delicate staggered line texture, making for a table that’s both earthy and contemporary. Dining with this furniture set allows you to experience the comfort of having a picnic in the Alpine meadow. Presenting food on it can also make the food look more delicious and tempting.