Design Inspiration: Day Dream

Have you dreamed about climbing a ladder and reaching out for a star, or being a pirate and sailing on the boundless ocean? Have you considered the feeling of living upon the clouds and the life of being a royalty? These dreams may be silly, however, they are a retreat from the real world that ask you to be sensible and smart. Gullichsen Vogue Cotton-Linen Modular Sofa is a cradle for your day dream, which allows you to withdraw from the rigid life.

Day dream is the sweetest, happiest, and easiest thing you can imagine in your mind. It can be many things, from castles made of marshmallows to mansions upon the hill. Gullichsen Vogue Cotton-Linen Modular Sofa is the closest thing to a day dream you can find in real life. Married classic design with a minimalist sensibility, it is dedicated to providing you with the utmost soft, soothing, and comfortable seating experience.

Day dream is what you can throw away logic and reason. It allows you to imagine anything, even the weird things, such as a flying cat and a little fairy in your garden. It keeps you away from the responsibility and burden of adults and brings you the purity and enjoyment of children. Gullichsen Vogue Cotton-Linen Modular Sofa can do the same thing for you. It is made of durable fabric is stain-resistant and easy-cleaning fabric can handle whatever life throws at it.