Design Inspiration: Distant Sunset

Distant sunset is attachment and aspiration. When you are sailing, the distant sunset is a lamp burning on the coastline calling you home. When you are home, the distant sunset is a miracle dream you want to achieve. Sunset is a mass of white clouds dyed by berries and oranges. Salo Wabi-Sabi Saddle Leather Coffee Table Set is the distant sunset in your living room, making you feel warm and sweet.

The color match of Salo Wabi-Sabi Saddle Leather Coffee Table Set is unbelievably harmonious. The burnt orange and ivory white are like the solar and lunar, burning and cold, sweet and mellow. Just like the sunset, the tea table set is a perfect balance of colors and blanks, which adds vitality to your lounge while maintaining a minimal style.

Salo Wabi-Sabi Saddle Leather Coffee Table Set allows you to catch and tame a cloud, providing you comfort and free. With a smooth surface made of saddle leather, Salo Tea Table is perfect for injecting some prairie style into your space, offering you a laidback style. It enables you to smell grasses in urban and to sail on earth.