Design Inspiration: Exotic Rose

Striding on barren land, what will you say when you find an exotic rose? The miracle of angels builds its beauty and the fondness of nature forge its elegance. It burns, it blooms, it is the only vitality and hue in this wasteland. Aalto Rounded Rectangle Pandora Sintered-Stone Dining Set is the unbelievable rose lightning a dim life.

The smooth surface of this dining set is made of sintered stone. It consists of gray, white, gold, and black, with textures that change like waves. It is a fusion of art and nature, looking like the dappled shadows on the crystal snow as the sunlight beams upon the branches and leaves. Sintered stone is a creation of technology and nature. Therefore, every piece of it is so special and unique that makes your home a real B-612, which is like the Rose setting little prince’s planet apart.

Every rose is a tumult of harmonies. The delicate petals and the sharp thorn, the ebullient red and still green constitutes the exotic rose together. Similarly, Aalto Rounded Rectangle Pandora Sintered-Stone Dining Set is the fusion of tough and soft, bight and gentle. It is a stone table with rounded corners and a combination of gold and gray. Aalto Pandora Marble Square Dining Set instills your house a sense of mystery, fashion, and joy.