Design Inspiration: Kind Nepenthe

When you are under the endless sky, will you make a wish upon the stars? When you are near the still ocean, will you recall the memories you regret? We lament the things we lost and suffer from the things we do not possess. When we are exhausted, we need the kind nepenthe to help us forget all the sorrow and pain and to keep us away from the coldness and loneliness. Gullichsen Chic Latex Sofa is your nepenthe.

Gullichsen Chic Latex Sofa is the cure for the hard life. Berber fleece endows it soft and tenderness while natural latex gives it cozy and comfort. When you are on it, you can forget work, money, and anxiety. It is where you can drink a cup of coffee, read a book and free your mind. It is your rest place without burden.


Gullichsen Chic Latex Sofa is the antidote to misery. It is your kind nepenthe for forgetting and soothing. Its large seating areas enable you to escape from real life and not be disturbed. Its wide arms create an Eden for you to keep away from the noise and tension so that you can experience the simplest relaxation. On it, you can have your time and enjoy your life.