Design Inspiration: Kiss of Angel

When you were a child, mom will give you a kiss before sleeping, which feels like a kiss of the angel, soft and tender. You can feel boundless love and care from this light kiss. Gullichsen Ultra Soft Air Leather Double Bed can provide you with the same feeling when you lie in it.

The kiss of an angel is gentle and loving. It feels like a feather falling upon your skin, delicate and soothing. Natural latex mattress with premium handcrafted air leather, Gullichsen Ultra Soft Air Leather Double Bed is the perfect essential for your cozy bedroom. Lying in it, you can have the experience of sinking in a mass of cloud.

An angel perched upon your shoulder will not on Gullichsen Ultra Soft Air Leather Double Bed is a haven that keeps you away from sadness and injury. Backrest filled with high-quality down and silk floss, which is soft and soothing. It can protect your head and neck when you lean on it, providing you perfect comfort.