Design Inspiration: Misty Forest

Have you wandered into a forest after rain? It is a place of faint mist, wild fragrance, and gentle chirp. It is where you will feel leisure and peace. Aalto Air Leather Bed is the misty forest in your bedroom.

Aalto Minimalist Air Leather Double Bed provides you with cozy and safe. It is like a beam of light scattered in the mist. Handcrafted with premium air leather, it’s stain-resistant, anti-scratch, and water-resistant. Russian solid wood frame endows it with endurance and sturdiness. Every night you sleep in it you will feel like sinking in clouds with sunshine upon you. 

Aalto Minimalist Air Leather Upholstered Bed reminds you of floating in a sparkling lake. It is soft, tender, and relaxed. Cushioned luxuriously with feathers and HD memory foam creates a feeling of suspension, making your personal oasis more than comfortable. Do you want to stretch and yawn lazily after a restful night? You cannot miss Aalto Air Leather Upholstered Bed.