Design Inspiration: Ripe Autumn

Autumn, a season of mists and mellow fruit, is both tranquil and vibrant. It is the months when the west wind brings cool and takes the summer heat. It is the days when the fruits are ripe and seeds are sowed. It is the time when the reapers sing among swaying wheat and shepherd boys watch clouds on the meadow. Salo All-Leather Sofa is the orchard and meadow in your living room, allowing you to enjoy the ripe autumn.

Salo All-Leather Sofa is the fresh autumn breeze. The autumn breeze is different from the spring wind that is young and immature. It is also not like the summer wind that is burning and moist. It is unlike the chill lifeless winter wind. The autumn breeze is sensible, calm, and thriving. Salo All-Leather Sofa provides you the same feeling of the autumn breeze with its understated design and sleek shape.

Salo All-Leather Sofa is the fecund autumn land. In autumn, you can see the grape hanging among the vines, the wheat swaying like golden waves, and throstles warbling on the trees. It is a season invoking a vision of prosperity, harvest, and plenty. The full-leather materials and silk padded down bag seem classic and stealth wealth. Salo All-Leather Sofa is a perfect combination of luxury and minimal that provides you comfort and ease your tiresome after a hard day.