Design Inspiration: Songs without Words

Songs without words can be said one of the oldest art forms of mankind. Making music is a universal human trait. From ancient humming to instrument playing, from Lyre to bone flute, from Bach to Tchaikovsky, from concert hall to movie theater, songs without words of all forms and all genres can be found in all places and at all times. Gullichsen Modern Sintered-Stone Top Dining Set is akin to songs without words, which is varied and widely suitable.

Songs without words include pieces of Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Modern. They also include pure music and movie music that can convey multiple emotions, from sad to happy and from gentle to epic. Just like these songs,  there is a wide range of coloration available to Gullichsen Modern Sintered-Stone Top Dining Set, such as Sicily Grey, Kilimanjaro White, Black Marquina, and Armani Grey. Moreover, similar to the symphony orchestra that is a harmonious ensemble composed of many elements, the Gullichsen table and the Gullichsen Chair match each other perfectly.

Unlike normal music, songs without words provide you a chance to experience and interpret it on your own without the limitations of the lyrics. Gullichsen Modern Sintered-Stone Top Dining Set is an exhibition booth made of a cushy upholstered seat, eco-friendly leather, carbon steel frame, and durable sintered stone, allowing you to present your preference. Furthermore, it is a perfect background to set off the dishes, making them look more delicious and tempting.