Design Inspiration: White Noise

Can you imagine the sound of the following scenarios? You are standing on the beach, the waves are lapping against the rocks, and every now and then the seagulls fly by. Or, you curl up on the couch, fireplace burning next to you with wood crackling and rain rustling outside the window. Or, the sound of the wind blowing through the leaves and the sound of waterfalls in the mountains. These sounds are meaningless but soothing. Gullichsen Comfy Cotton-Linen Sofa is the white noise to comfort your heart.

Similar to the white noise that can isolate you from outside noise, Gullichsen Comfy Cotton-Linen Sofa  can help you keep external interference away. It is a shield to ward off anxiety and pressure. When you lie in it, it provides you a period of time to zone out. Its solid frame builds you a fortress in your living room to protect you from the busy life.

Just like the tender white noise, Gullichsen Comfy Cotton-Linen Sofa  is soft enough to provide you the same comfort. Supremely cozy, Gullichsen Comfy Cotton-Linen Sofa  is made for lounging. Designed to accommodate a wide spectrum of styles, this is a versatile couch that, true to our promise of comfort and modern, invites you to sink into it. It is a haven from the noise and bustle of the city.