Furniture Care Guide: Gullichsen Chic Latex Sofa

Sofas are the soul of the living room. They are the combination of practical and artistic, serving the user's comfort and showing the owner's preference. Berber fleece sofas are famous for the comfort and durability, but even the best-treated fleece will need to be cleaned every now and then to stay in good shape. This blog is here to help you maintain Gullichsen Chic Latex Sofa looking like new.

  • Remove Dust

The sofa should be dusted regularly, which can protect our health and extend the service life of the sofa. However, you do not need to worry about the health issue if you choose Gullichsen Chic Latex Sofa! Silver antibacterial fiber is braided into the strands of Berber fleece to resist radiation, bacteria and fouling, therefore, even though you forget to dust your sofa, the safety of your house and home can be guaranteed.

  • Do clean

The material used in Gullichsen Chic Latex Sofa minimizes the possibility of stains. If the juice or sauce spilled on the sofa accidentally, you don't need to send it to professional cleaning team. Our sofas are designed to be removable and washable for your convenience.

Aalto Berber Fleece Sofa ease your burden of housework, giving you the best life with the least strife.