Maiden Voyage: The Great Expectation in Life

Maiden voyage is the first trip of a ship. It is the combination of modern technology and primal urge, and the fusion of adventure and coziness. The desire for a long voyage is in human’s DNA. We want to see, to know, and to experience. Maiden voyage allows us to leave the familiar homeland, sail across the broad sea, and expect a brand new world without abandoning the comfort. 25Home Maiden Voyage series, adopting modern Italian style, provides you the great expectation in life, the same great experience as taking the maiden voyage.

  • Design

Modern Italian style is a fusion of classical and modern. The original Italian style is mainly based on the luxurious Baroque style, decorated by mahogany high relief of shell and scroll shape. With the popularity of minimal style, Italian style began to eliminate the redundant carvings and make the design lines more simple and sleek. Italian style gradually transformed into the modern Italian style that balances between practicality and aesthetics.
Take Salo Wabi-Sabi Saddle Leather Coffee Table Set as an example, it is a cylindrical table with bright and elegant tones, and without any flashy and impractical decoration. The simplicity does not diminish its practicality. Its wide tabletop can meet the needs of holding items. It is a piece of furniture designed based on life need and minimal aesthetics.

  • Material

Modern Italian style pursues creating luxury by the simplest design, which means that the simplicity of the shape is to set off the luxury of the material. It should be noted that the luxury of materials does not mean that they are expensive. Rather, it means the splendours of the materials themselves. For example, the Salo Glossy Sintered-Stone Top Dining Room Set is made of marble, which is born with extravagance. Together with metal elements embellished, the dining room set creates a sense of both simplicity and luxury.

  • Color

Modern Italian style mainly adopts soft and elegant tones, such as gray, white, walnut color, and so on. Color plays a very important role in setting the atmosphere. A low-key, warm and gentle color can bring comfort and coziness to life. For example, the Salo Luxurious Genuine Leather Sofa in full leather gives the bedroom not only a warm and clean look, but also a modern and urban feel.

Maiden Voyage allows you to enjoy life without losing the desire for a great expectation. Comfort is never the opposite of hard work. Wandering around in an understated yet sophisticated environment is the supreme enjoyment of life.