Nordic Gallery: Art Exhibition in Home

When you wander in a gallery, your mood will be provoked by the varied artworks. Each piece of Nordic Gallery furniture is an artwork of different styles, such as the cozy bed, soothing sofa, and stylish table. From living room to dining room, the combination of Nordic Gallery furniture establishes your house to be an art exhibition. However, though every work differs from others in an exhibition, they must have something in common to suit the theme of the exhibition. Here are some characteristics that Nordic Gallery shares in design.

  • Understated Design that Follows Function

The Nordic Gallery series combines modernist design with traditional design, paying attention to both practical function and artistic design and avoiding using rigid geometric shapes. Nordic Gallery design refrains from using excessive decoration. We strive to achieve consistency in form and function. Taking Aalto Rose Quartz Sintered-Stone Top Living Room Set as an example, it is not eye candy that is only good-looking, rather, it has large storage to meet your daily needs.

  • Muted, Dark Hues that Remind of Nordic landscapes

Color plays an important role in the design of Nordic museums. In Nordic Gallery design, we use neutral colors, such as white, black, gray, and tawny to provide a natural feel. The rounded lines and gender colors of the furniture remind you of the mountains, lakes, meadows, and gardens of Scandinavia. For example, Aalto Rounded Rectangle Pandora Sintered-Stone Dining Set uses clean lines and rounded corners to make a sleek style. The graceful texture of the Sintered Stone looks like the lake of Nordic.

  • Plush Sofas and Tactile Fabrics

The Nordic Gallery prefers natural materials. We use soft and soothing textiles to make furniture comfortable. Furniture made of these materials allows you to  enjoy the time at home better. Their warmth and softness makes you feel the companionship of family and friends. Aalto Aalto Minimalist Air Leather Double Bed is made of natural down and latex, which allows you to curl up, sink in and get cozy. It provides you a perfect place to rest and enjoy.

The magnificent furniture from Nordic Gallery decorates your house all-inclusively. Their design similarity ensures the consistency of your house style. Nordic Gallery makes your every morning feel like a splendid opening.