Shopping Guide: Sofa Selection Advice

-Sofa Selection Advice From the Designer and Manufacturer

A sofa is a haven of peace and tranquility. It enables us to rest, play, and read in a cozy way. A good sofa is like a good partner that provides us support and safety. Therefore, we all want a durable and comfortable sofa to accompany us as long as possible. Then, what factors define good sofas? Here is a guide for you.

  • The Frame

The frame of a sofa is like the skeleton of a human body. It decides the firmness and durability of the sofa.

The most common materials for sofa frames are wood, MDF, and steel. The wood frame uses hard and solid wood that has been dried and sanitized at high temperatures to resist mold and moths. It should be noted that different woods also impact the durability of the sofas. Slower-growing hardwoods such as maple and walnut are better suited for durable furniture than faster-growing economical softwoods such as pine and eucalyptus.

MDF is human-made lumber made of wood fibers. It is low-cost and easy to produce. But its disadvantages are quite obvious. It is poor in stability and is prone to odor. The sofa made of MDF is more like an item of disposable furniture than a durable one.

Steel structure is solid, durable, and environmentally friendly. However, due to the lack of flexibility, the steel structure is more likely to deform than the wood structure.

  • The Cushioning

The filling material determines the comfort level of the sofa. There are four types for your consideration according to your preference: 

Foam: Poly-wrapped foam has better resilience, softness, and breathability. The high density of memory foam ensures durability, but it is easy to deform.

Down: Down filler is comfortable, difficult to deform, but slow rebound. Generally, sofas with down filler are correspondingly expensive.

Latex: Natural latex, with anti-bacterial and anti-mite effects, is one of the ideal furniture fillers.

Innerspring core: Spring cores have good elasticity and remarkable endurance. It is hard to deform and sag.

  • The Spring

Spring is an important component of the sofa. Its quality is integrally related to the endurance of the sofa. Only an adequate amount of spring can ensure the excellence of the sofa.

  • The Upholstery

The upholstery is directly in contact with users and directly determines the style of the sofa.

Velvet: Velvet fabric is delicate, soft and silklike. Sofa made of this fabric is stylish, luxurious, and retro-aesthetic.

Cotton: Cotton is easy to wrinkle and pill. But its texture is unique and distinctive.

Air Leather: A new type of fabric, that combines the appearance and texture of real leather and the breathability of the cotton.

Leather: Leather sofas are soft, comfortable, wear-resistant, and endurable. It needs careful maintenance to avoid cracking.

  • Others

In addition to quality, 25home also pays attention to details. We install a screen under the base of the sofa to prevent cockroaches from getting in. The screen also enables customers to examine the materials at the bottom of the sofa. Only the well-made sofa will dare to show the details, while the poor-quality sofa will seal a layer of cloth to escape scrutinizing.

In addition, to ensure the quality of the goods you receive, 25home packs them carefully. We use bubble wrap first, and then pack the sofa in a cardboard box, so that the sofa will not be bumped during the transportation process.

Here is all the guide and advice for your sofa selection. Wish you can have an ideal sofa for your easy life.