25Home Furniture Review: Salo Antique Industrial Couch

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25 Home Salo Antique 3

25 Home Salo Antique Industrial Air Sectional

The 25 Home Salo Antique Industrial Sectional is a deep seated sofa that is great for lounging. It is covered in air leather, which we have found repels liquid, at least briefly, making it easier to clean up. The sofa offers a high level of support while still giving excellent levels of pressure relief and comfort.


  • Comfortable sofa great for lounging.
  • Fabric that is liquid repellent and good for kids and pets
  • Practically no assembly required


  • Has a deeper seat depth, which is great for lying down, but not as good for sitting


Comfortable Sectional with Air Leather
  • Design - 98%
  • Performance - 97%
  • Quality - 98%
  • Usability - 97%
  • Value - 94%


The 25 Home Salo Antique Industrial Sectional is a comfortable sofa designed for lounging and relaxing. It offers deep seats with a supportive frame that you can lay on for hours. In addition, the air leather cover is mess resistant, and the back and seat cushions are quite comfortable. Overall, if you like to lounge on the sofa rather than sit, the Salo is a solid option.

In This Review

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Performance Tests

To determine the comfort and performance of the 25 Home Salo Antique Industrial Air Sectional, we take subjective measurements of 5 different factors.25 Home Salo Antique 2

Performance Highlights





Pressure Relief







Bounce was high on the seat cushions of the Salo. They offer a fair amount of pushback initially that quickly peters out. This level of bounce helps to create a surface that is easier to move around on.


Sinkage is fairly minimal on the Salo Sectional. Lighter bodies will feel like they are sitting on top of the sofa, while heavier weights will sink deeper into the foams. 25 Home Salo Antique Sinkage

This type of sinkage helps to create a high level of support, while still remaining comfortable to sit on. 

Pressure Relief

Pressure relief on the Salo Sectional was excellent. Being a sectional with a deeper seat, you find yourself lounging rather than sitting like you would on a chair. This deeper seat depth means that it’s not the most ergonomically balanced sofa, but it is great for lying out and lounging with your feet elevated on a table or the sofa itself. 25 Home Salo Antique Relaxing

The balanced level of pressure relief we experienced in testing is great for long periods of lying on the sofa.


The Salo Sectional has a high level of support. Despite the excellent pressure relief, the medium firm feel and minimal sinkage create a supportive surface.25 Home Salo Antique Back Corner

25 Home Salo Antique Back Corner

The wooden frame offers a strong base for the foam cushions to offer support throughout the seat and back. 


We found firmness levels for the Salo Sectional to be a 5 out of 10, where 10 is the most firm. This medium feel should be a good fit for most people. However, if you prefer to sink deeper into your sofa, you may want to consider something softer. 25 Home Salo Antique Firmness


There really isn’t an assembly process for the 25 Home Salo Sectional, as it comes fully assembled. The majority of the work is unboxing the sofa and removing the packaging. 25 Home Salo Antique Boxes

The sofa we tested was quite large, and there was a good amount of packaging materials to remove. It took 1 person around 30 minutes to unbox and remove the packaging materials. 

Once that’s done, the actual setup is incredibly easy. Just move the sofa into place, put the cushions on it, and you’re done.

25 Home Salo Antique Packaging

Do make sure you double check that the plastic feet are properly attached to the legs. One of my plastic feet fell off. However, I was able to reattach it with a finishing nail.


Overall design for the 25 Home Salo Sectional is quite good. Across the entire sofa, they use a fabric they call “air leather”. According to the manufacturer:

As a high-strength fiber, Air Leather is one time stronger than cotton and three times stronger than wool, making this fabric scratch-resistant and perfect for pets and children. Not only that, Salo Antique Industrial Air Leather Closed Sectional is also non-wrinkle and non-pilling, giving you the most worry-free experience

So far I’m pleased with the fabric. We’ve had a few minor liquid spills thanks to the kids. The liquid remained on the surface of the fabric while we went to get some paper towels to clean up the mess. Seems to do a good job at repelling liquid, at least briefly, instead of just absorbing it into the fabric.

25 Home Salo Antique Air Leather

The air leather has also done excellent versus my dog, who runs fast, jumps high, and has her nails and body all over the sofa. I haven’t seen any noticeable wear and tear on the sofa due to the dog.


The legs on the sofa are quite minimal, but that is by design. They are practically invisible and almost seem to fade into the floor. 

25 Home Salo Antique Legs

I am pleased with this design, but I will note that during shipping one of the plastic feet fell off the leg. I was able to reattach it with a finishing nail and a hammer. 

25 Home Salo Antique Floor Pad Fell Out


The frame of the sofa is quite durable and well built. It is made from larch wood and we didn’t note any obvious or apparent issues with the frame. 

25 Home Salo Antique Frame 2


The seat cushions of the Salo offer a good amount of filling. They are quite supportive while still remaining comfortable. 

25 Home Salo Antique Sectional Section

The cushions create a 5 out of 10 firmness, where 10 is the most firm, and are stuffed with poly foam.


The arms on the Salo are supportive allowing people to lean into them with the help of a pillow. The armrests themselves offer a minimal level of cushioning and have a fairly square design. They are also covered in the air leather material. 

25 Home Salo Antique Sectional Armrest


Back cushions on the Salo were quite comfortable. They are filled to a medium density with poly fiber and feathers. They aren’t affixed to the sofa, which could be a pro or con. In our case we have kids and dogs constantly shifting the cushions around and pushing them over, which can be a bit annoying. 

25 Home Salo Antique Back Cushion Unzipped

They offer a removable cover with a zipper that is covered by a flap in some cases, or on the outer edge in others. 


The pillows are small, well filled, and reasonably dense. They are made with the same “air leather” that covers the sofa, and filled with a poly fiber and feather filling. 

25 Home Salo Antique Squeezing Pillow

Options & Dimensions

25 Home offers a wide range of furniture to choose from beyond the Salo Antique Industrial Sectional. Regarding the Salo sofas, there are quite a few options to choose from with a range of color options, sizes, included pieces, and more. 

25 Home Salo Antique 3
25 Home Salo Antique Grey
25 Home Salo Antique Tan
25 Home Salo Antique Tan

We tested the 25 Home Salo Antique Industrial Air Leather Closed Sectional. This piece comes in gray or tan, with left and right facing options. 

In addition, it comes in 3 different size options:

  • 115”
  • 151”
  • 187”

Furthermore, you can also buy an ottoman of a similar style to add onto the sectional. 

         25 Home Salo Antique 2

25 Home Salo Antique
Allform Sofa4
Allform 3-seat

The sofa itself is quite large and a good bit deeper than many others I’ve tested. Here are the full dimensions with the Allform 3-seat dimensions for comparison:

25 Home Salo Antique Allform 3-seat
Full length: 186.8″ 90.0″
Seat depth: 45.2″ 38.0″
Armrest height: 26.0″ 25.0″
Sectional length: 45.2″ 47.0″
Sectional depth: 70.5″ 61.0″
Sectional height: 16.5″ 17.0″

Shipping & Returns

Shipping is free for the 25 Home sectional. They offer a curbside delivery option for free. Currently, their in-room delivery service is closed due to COVID-19 concerns, but that may be changed at a later date. 25 Home Salo Antique 1

25 Home Salo Antique

Returns are not free. They charge 10% of the initial purchase if the product is returned with the original packaging, or 20% without it. But that return fee is capped at $250. 

25 Home offers a 1 year warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship. 

Should you buy the 25 Home Salo Antique Industrial Air Sectional?

I would recommend the 25 Home Salo Antique Industrial Air Sectional if you’re looking for the following features:

  • Sectional for lounging: The 25 Home Salo has deep seats, deeper than many we’ve tested. While this makes it more difficult to sit in like a traditional sofa, it makes it perfect to lie down and relax into. The supportive back and comfortable cushions and pillows create a surface designed for lounging. 
  • Fabric resistant to messes: The “air leather” that covers the sectional offers a fabric that is easy to clean. We have kids and pets constantly using the sofa causing spills and other messes. The fabric has been able to repel the liquid for long enough to be cleaned up with a paper towel. 
  • Easy setup: Due to how 25 Home ships the sectional it is incredibly easy to set up. Unpacking does take some time, but no tools are required to put the sofa together.

For more information or to purchase the 25 Home Salo Antique Industrial Air Sectional click here.

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