Can I get swatches?

We encourage you to ask free swatches! Select the swatches you would like to receive and leave us messages below. We will mail them to you free of charge, typically within 2–3 business days. Currently, because of shipping delays related to COVID-19 vaccine distribution efforts and the holidays, your swatches will arrive in 2–7 business days. We offer swatches of all of our fabric and leather options.

Why are certain fabrics available on some designs, but not others?

Most of our fabric options are available on all designs in our assortment. On a select few designs, we have limited the set of available fabrics based on our experience of the materials that wear best on the specific piece. With that said, if there is a fabric in our assortment that is not available on the sofa or chair you are considering, please give us a call and we will be happy to recommend an option.

Can I place an order for fabric only?

With the exception of our free swatches—which we’re always happy to send to you—we don’t offer our fabrics a la carte. We also aren’t able to re-upholster your existing pieces of furniture. The best way to get our fabrics into your home? Order a new piece of upholstered 25HOME furniture.

Ask for free swatches

*Leave us a message including the copylink of the product you want and the swatches you would like to receive.