About Products

  • Are your products pet-friendly?

Do your furry friends roam your space? Remember, pets and leather don't always mix well. Our warranty doesn't cover pet-induced leather damage, although our top-tier top-grain leather is impressively durable. Even so, it's wise to be cautious of pet-related wear and tear.

  • Are the sofas protected by anything?

In the realm of sofas, loveseats, recliners, and chairs, we've got your back. Our lineup boasts semi-aniline, top-grain leather equipped with a safeguarding layer. This resilient exterior shields against light, scratches, spills, and dampness, ensuring your furniture remains as pristine as possible.

  • Will it fit in my place?

To avert delivery day dismay, measuring is paramount. Gauge your furniture's dimensions, your living area's expanse, and your entryway's accessibility. This forward-thinking guarantees a smooth delivery process, minus any sizing-related snags.

  • Will my sofa be the right height?

Sizing Satisfaction: Sofa Height and More

An ill-fitting sofa leads to buyer's remorse, so size up before sealing the deal. Peruse the sofa's dimensions to ascertain whether it jives with your stature. We've arrayed a range of dimensions in our product narratives. Familiarize yourself with the sofa's overall height, depth, and seat cushion specifics prior to your purchase.

Sofa Height & Depth:
Average Sofa Height: 28” to 38”
Average Sofa Depth: 30-40”
Here's a rule of thumb:
If you're 5'2" or shorter, a sofa measuring 38" in height and 40" in depth won't be your cozy match.
If you're 6' or taller, a sofa standing at 28" in height and 30" in depth won't be your lounging haven.
Seat Cushion Height & Depth:
Average Seat Cushion Height: 17” to 19”
Average Seat Cushion Depth: 21” to 33”
For reference:
If you're 5'2" or shorter, a sofa with a seat height of 19" and a seat depth of 33" isn't your relaxation zone.

If you're 6' or taller, a sofa with a seat height of 17" and a seat depth of 21" won't provide your preferred comfort level.

  •  Is your furniture made using toxic chemicals?

      Rest assured, our meticulous crafting process prioritizes your well-being. From sourcing to material selection, we wield complete control over our production. The majority of our materials, barring a few fabrics, originate within a 100-mile radius of our location. This approach curtails emissions and fuel use, aligning with our commitment to a greener, safer environment. 

      • How do I clean my furniture?

      Please follow the care &clean instruction on our website.


      General Questions

      • How do you ensure a quality product?

      As the proud proprietors of our manufacturing facility, we hold the reins over every facet concerning materials and the crafting of our goods. Rigorous assessments and meticulous examinations are woven into the process to ensure enduring elegance and comfort. From the inception to the final flourish, our attentive crew oversees every step of our creations. Each piece, from the initial cut to the final wrapping and shipping, undergoes meticulous quality scrutiny.

      • Do you have a store or a showroom that I can visit?

      Our showroom is still preparing it, we all are looking forward to it, please wait patiently. or you may contact our customer service team by chat or email us at vip@25home.com to make an appointment to visit our warehouse.

      • Can I request fabric samples?

      Absolutely! We actually encourage it. Assessing fabric through an online lens can be quite tricky, as the nuances of texture and appearance often elude the virtual realm. The play of 3D renderings and screen settings can't capture the true essence of touch and visual depth. Opting for fabric swatches is the most prudent path to ensuring that your chosen fabric aligns perfectly with your preferences and lifestyle. When fabric swatches are at your disposal for a particular item, rest assured that we're delighted to provide them at no cost. Expect them to embark on their journey to you by the very next business day.

      • I'm an interior designer working with clients. Do you have a trade program?

      Yes! We love working with designers, builders and industry professionals. Please contact us. We'll respond ASAP with exclusive trade discounts and access to our Customer Support team.

      • I am looking to place a larger bulk order for a commercial location (i.e. office, restaurant, lobby, etc.). Is there someone I should contact for help with that?

      Dealing with commercial orders is part of our daily routine, and we're here with enthusiasm to lend a hand! Our skilled Customer Care team is well-versed in catering to commercial orders. Every team member is equipped to aid you in strategizing, pricing, styling, and more. Feel free to reach out to us through chat, email, or phone to delve deeper into the details!

      • What about my warranty?

      We offer a one-year warranty for our products, For more detail please read our warranty policy.

      • Do you have an affiliate program?

      We sure do! You can sign up here!

      • Do you offer any military discounts?

      Absolutely! You can get verified here!

      •  What should I do regarding cooperation or B2B inquiries?

      For cooperation, please reach us at trade@25home.com.

      Ordering & delivery

      • How does the ordering process work?

      Curious about how to make a purchase? Rest easy, for our ordering process is as secure as it is swift. When you navigate our website and place an order, you'll find it an effortless journey, where changes and reviews can be made at almost every juncture. What's more, the virtual shelves are open 24/7 for your convenience.

      In case you prefer a more personal touch, our Customer Support team is at your service. Dial 628-6287210 and you'll encounter a team of friendly souls, available Monday through Friday, 9 am-5 pm PST. Don't worry if you're reaching out after hours – leave a detailed voicemail, and we'll be back in touch before you know it.

      Upon clicking that "Order" button, a digital receipt, swathed in an email, shall also land in your inbox, echoing the details of your order, including the confirmation number, purchased items, and relevant particulars. Double-check everything for accuracy, and if alterations are needed, give us a shout within 24 hours of placing the order.

      • I want to place an order but I'm not sure of my fabric selection yet. Can I place an order to lock in a special sale price and choose my fabric later?

      Hesitant about fabric choices? Fret not! At 25Home, we extend a gracious "Decide Later" option for many of our custom-made upholstery pieces. So, if seizing a special sale or scratching off a task is your aim, you can proceed to order sans finalizing the fabric. Once done, we'll guide you on how to disclose your eventual fabric preference. contact customer service to learn more.

      • Can I make changes to my custom order once the order is placed?

      Custom-made marvels bear a grace period of 24 hours for amendments. After that, the production wheels are likely in motion. Delve into our Return & Refund page for comprehensive insight.

      • Do you ship throughout the entire USA? What about internationally?

      Embarking on seamless shopping journeys nationwide is our forte. Our shipping options offer clarity and affordability, spanning the contiguous United States. Kindly note that our range extends to the core of the United States, excluding Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico.

      • Am I able to make changes to my order?

      Given our appreciation for the weighty nature of furniture purchases, we've instituted a 24-hour grace period following your online order placement. This buffer allows for potential adjustments to your order, recognizing the significance of this decision-making process.

      • Does delivery include assembly? Is my order eligible for White Glove Delivery?

      White Glove Room of Choice + Assembly service fee varies for different products and locations. You may learn more from our customer service.

      For those who prefer the free Entryway Delivery, brace for a little DIY. Assembling and arranging shall be your noble task. Worried about parcels? They're part of the deal too, arriving either pre-assembled or accompanied by straightforward assembly instructions.

      • I know how long it will take for my order to ship out, but how long does shipping/delivery actually take?

      A parcel shipment should take about 3-5 business days/7-10 business days/10-15 business days (according to the nearest warehouse from your delivery address ).

      • Am I able to defer delivery at all if needed?

      Delayed move-in plans? We've got you. Defer your delivery up to 90 days.

      • Will you take away my old furniture?

      Unfortunately, we are unable to offer removal services. Maybe bribe your friends and family with pizza or check out local companies such as TaskRabbit to help!

      • Do you offer delivery on the weekends?

      We aspire to harmony in your home furnishing endeavor. Still, synchronized arrivals aren't promised. Variability in availability and shipping methods lends to diverse arrival times. Delve into shipping policy for specifics.

      • If I order more than one item, will they all arrive at the same time?

      At 25Home, our goal is to make the experience of furnishing your home as convenient as possible! However, multiple items arriving at the same time is not guaranteed as arrival time can vary based on product availability and the shipping methods. For more information, please review our shipping policy page.

      • What if something is broken or damaged upon delivery?

      Our vigilance means products leave pristine. Yet, unforeseen mishaps occur. We've got your back: report shipping damage on the spot or within 24 hours. Review our Claims Form or email service@25home.com for prompt assistance.

      • What if it doesn’t fit?

      Mismatch worries? Delve into Return & Refund for our return policy. Measure for success by consulting our website or blog guide on measuring. And, remember, our Customer Support crew is always here to aid you.

      • Can I order a matching ottoman for my sofa, sectional, chair, etc.?

      Yes, matching ottomans are within reach! Although not yet fully integrated, a special order can fix that.

      • Do you ever have backorders?

      Prompt shipping is our mantra. Yet, rare out-of-stock scenarios might arise. Expect an email notifying you of availability, with choices to reschedule, cancel, or proceed.

      • What if I just don’t like it?

      Our 30 Day Return window offers a cushion. Glide over to Return & Refund for details.


      Payment & Promotion

      • Do you offer any financing options?

      Certainly! We extend this convenience to you. Our financing solutions, in collaboration with afterpaysezzle & Katapult, make settling your order over time a breeze. This afterpay payment choice is available right when you're checking out. Intrigued by the concept of financing or curious about afterpay? Keep an eye out for information on any product page or, at checkout, opt for the afterpay alternative and follow the user-friendly cues. It's a secure, swift, and exceedingly hassle-free way to go!he quick and easy prompts. It's safe, fast, and extremely convenient!

      Sezzle is committed to financially empowering the next generation, one payment at a time. It allows you to make purchases on our website and pay for them in four interest-free installments.

      Katapult has lease purchase plans designed just for you — and there’s no credit required. Plus, we keep the experience simple and transparent. It's your path from "maybe" to "all mine."

      • Do you accept internationally based credit cards?

      Yes! Our checkout page accepts most internationally based credit cards (we also accept PayPal). 

      • Where do I enter my promo code for my order?

      At the point of checkout, you can key in your promotion codes into the designated field. This is applicable solely for promotions accompanied by a specific code. Please note that each transaction can accommodate just one code, and the stacking of codes with other offers isn't feasible. Our aim is to encourage customers to make the most of the most favorable offer in play!

      • Can I apply a code along with other discount codes?

      No, only one code could be applied for per order. 

      • Does the price stay the same or change over time?

      Usually, prices for some items can vary over time due to shifts in operational costs, raw material expenses, seasonal inventory demands, and other external factors. We continuously monitor market conditions to set fair prices in line with real costs. Though we aim for stable long-term pricing, occasional adjustments may be necessary to match supplier costs and maintain business. Rest assured our pricing team works hard to minimize fluctuations.

      • 45-Day Price Guarantee

      If the product selling price (before applying any promotional code or discount) lowers within 45 days of your original order date, you can contact customer service to request a refund for the price difference.

      The 45-day period is calculated from the date you placed your order. For example - if you placed your order on January 1, 2023, you can apply for a refund of any selling price difference up until February 14, 2023 before discounts or promo codes were applied. This allows you to get refunded based on the current lower selling price, not accounting for any promotional discounted pricing differences, within the 45-day window.