25Home Is Providing Affordable And Modern Furniture And Decor For Any Home

25 Home

From bedroom to dining room furniture, 25Home has all needs covered with their unique and stunning pieces. This direct-from-manufacturer brand promises the best prices possible for each and every piece they sell.

When it comes to furnishing a house, there are multiple things to take into account. It needs to flow together in each room with a theme throughout. Furnishings need to be durable and high-quality to make the investment worth it. Finally, the design needs to fit within a specific budget.

25Home is a one-stop shop, checking all the boxes with their unique collection. Their Nordic designs are sold right from the manufacturer to the consumer, ensuring reasonable prices and only the best quality furniture.

They have unique offerings that other furniture brands don’t have, including:

  • A transparent supply chain
  • Products adopt high-tech leather alternatives, such as air leather and Nappa leather
  • Environmentally friendly materials
  • Ethical treatment of all employees
  • The best prices possible
  • Military and educational discounts

25 Home


Beautiful designs at beautiful prices

25Home has everything, from sofas and sectionals to gorgeous art-deco tables. Each design is unique yet able to pair with a wide variety of other styles and pieces. Modern art and styles combine with their ethical supply chain and employment practices to produce furniture consumers can feel good about buying.

25Home is doing what most DTC or direct-to-consumer businesses can’t do. They cut out the middle-man distributor to ensure they’re giving the best prices to their customers. All designing and manufacturing are done by 25Home. They’ve succeeded where most DTC businesses haven’t, redoing the model to deliver the best service possible to their customers.

25Home is so confident in the quality of their work that they guarantee all products for a year after purchase.

25 Home


Ethical beliefs and practices

25Home’s transparent supply chain means more than just savings for customers. It means they’re completely open about where everything is coming from and who is working on it. They’re passionate about human labor rights in all aspects.

Discrimination is a deal breaker for them for any part of the process. They believe in providing healthy and safe environments for employees to work in factories and stores.

They also do not allow child or forced labor. All employees must be over the age of 15, and even overtime is on a voluntary basis. It’s important to them to treat all employees completely fairly.

Not only are they ethical when it comes to their employees, but 25Home is also looking out for the environment. They avoid synthetic materials that are damaging to the earth, adopting high-tech leather alternatives, such as air leather and Nappa leather.

25 Home


25Home is an ethical company that was founded to provide the best prices possible to consumers for beautiful, modern furniture. It’s more than just their beautiful designs. They’re entirely transparent about how these products are made, giving consumers peace of mind when making a purchase.