25Home's Introduction

As a brand that values family, the core of 25home's design philosophy is to improve family relationships through this important space in the living room. Their products pursue comfort, affinity and multi-functionality. These qualities can create more opportunities for family gatherings and build a warm and harmonious atmosphere. Whether it be movie nights or weekend afternoon chats, 25home's sofas provide a stage for families to reconnect.

In this fast-paced era, many families lack company and connection due to various reasons. However, the relationships and care between family members are indispensable. A cozy home requires mutual trust, understanding and support among family members. As the core of the home, the sofa in the living room can become a bond connecting family members.

25home understands that a sofa should not merely be a simple product or decoration in the home. Rather, it should act as a medium to nurture harmony and connection between family members. In busy lives, these small design details accumulate to create a peaceful and happy home. A home full of love is a true home, and 25home safeguards modern families.



The product lines of 25home have a simple and elegant appearance, with smooth lines and bright, natural colors. This represents their pursuit of minimalist and modern  styles that can match different décor spaces and stand out in any room.

25home’s sofa series successfully blends the seemingly contradictory design styles of modern minimalism and Scandinavian design. From the overall line design, 25home sofas have a simple and smooth modern style. The lines are neat and do not deliberately pursue complex curves, but form purely geometric shapes. This minimalist exterior design makes it easier to match modernist interior design.

In terms of material selection, 25home also uses natural wood and linen fabrics frequently used in Scandinavian styles. This adds warmth and natural ambience to the visual experience. The wood frames and linen fabrics create a natural and plain layered texture and feel. The warmth of these materials softens the possible coldness of the minimalist lines.

It can be said that 25home has achieved a perfect combination and balance between modern minimalist exterior design and natural Scandinavian materials. This novel style fusion better serves the aesthetic needs of modern family life, making the products simple and elegant without losing their humanity.



The most impressive thing about the Sandwich sofa is its extraordinary seat depth design, reaching 32.7 inches, which can rival a single mattress. The Sandwich sofa provides sufficient space for lying, lounging, reclining and curling up. In addition, the use of double-layered seat cushions of different firmness also shows respect for user personalization. A total of 4 different firmness levels are provided. You can adjust the softness and hardness to find the most matching sitting feel. This humanized design has won favor from many families.

While providing extraordinary seat depth and comfort, the Sandwich sofa adopts a relatively lower overall height design. This well-considered height aims to optimize product safety, especially for children. The lower seat makes it easier for kids to get on and off independently, and also reduces the risks of falling during play or jump. The matched lower armrests and backrest further minimize the chances of children falling off after climbing up. Through cautious height design, the Sandwich sofa balances exceptional comfort and child-friendly safety. Kids can use it more freely and safely while immersing in sublime relaxation. Such innate consideration for children's usage security also aligns with 25home’s “whole family” philosophy.




The design style of the Industrial sofa is clear and definite - a strong industrial aesthetic. The simple and neat lines bring a steely, cold sense of power, and this bold industrial style is perfect for spacious areas and can act as the focal point of the space. If you pursue futurism, industrial style home decoration, and have sufficient space, the Industrial sofa is an excellent choice. Its simple and powerful design breath will add a cool sense of strength to your living space.




The streamlined silhouette of Pad sofa's geometric frame reflects the mid-century modern aesthetics of simplicity and minimalism. The signature rounded square armrests offer a subtle accent while maintaining visual clarity. The exposed tapered wooden legs further enhance the lightness and airiness, creating an elegant floating impression.

The single fabric cover in a bold solid color contrasts beautifully with the warm wood legs, exemplifying the mid-century fondness of color blocking. The absence of excessive decorative details creates a soothing, uncluttered look aligned with mid-century priorities. The blend of softness and angular lines reflect the mid-century ethos of fluid yet structural designs.

Overall, from the shapely wooden legs, expansive seats to the low-slung armrests, the Pad sofa's characteristics perfectly encapsulate mid-century ideals of organic forms, clean lines and graceful shapes. The harmony of materials and contours make it an exemplary fit for mid-century interiors.


All Leather

As a classic product series under 25home, the biggest selling point of the All Leather sofa is its use of 100% natural top grain leather as the upholstery material. This leather has a smooth and delicate surface texture through professional tanning and processing. When you gently touch it, you can feel its unique softness, which is hard for synthetic materials to match. This not only brings an unparalleled tactile enjoyment, but also gives the entire sofa a high-end and luxurious visual appearance.

From the perspective of style positioning, the All Leather sofa can be regarded as a typical combination of luxury and industrial style. The application of full genuine leather brings a sense of high-end and luxury, in sharp contrast to ordinary fabric sofas. At the same time, this series also avoids too much decorative detail, maintaining a simple and neat line, this minimalist industrial aesthetic makes its lines more pure, and can also match minimalist or industrial interior decoration. It can be said that the All Leather sofa achieves a perfect balance between luxury style and industrial aesthetics. This unique fusion of styles gives it a sense of high-end while retaining minimalist beauty.



The biggest advantage of the Plume sofa is its completely removable and washable cover design. The washable cover can be quickly removed in minutes through a precision-designed zipper, and then machine washed, which is very convenient for cleaning and maintenance. The high-quality fabric can also withstand frequent washing. This removable design is like giving your beloved sofa a replaceable "outfit". When old or wanting a different style, just put on a new cover, and it's as if you have a brand new sofa, which greatly extends the product life and also satisfies the need to change styles. The filling of the liner is carefully designed to find the perfect ratio of sponge and goose down, with both softness and support.



The linen fabric is undoubtedly the biggest highlight of the Hygge series. This natural plant fabric not only has a soft and smooth touch, but also has excellent breathability and does not feel muggy, which is very comfortable and skin-friendly. The minimalist Scandinavian design adds a touch of warmth to this sofa, as if being in a countryside cottage in Sweden, bringing a fresh and pleasant atmosphere. At the same time, the removable cover design ensures long-term sitting comfort. If you want a touch of Scandinavian tranquility at home, the Hygge sofa is a great choice. Especially the Hygge series, the use of soft and comfortable fabrics exudes a warm atmosphere, focusing on creating a warm and relaxing atmosphere for the family.



25home understands that there may be frolicking children or pets that often jump on the sofa at home. Therefore, it chooses more durable, scratch-resistant and tear-resistant fabrics, such as leather and special woven fabrics, to protect the furniture from damage. The interior also uses a more sturdy frame structure, rather than delicate and fragile hand-tied springs, to withstand repeated pressure. In addition, removable covers are added to facilitate cleaning and maintenance. It can be said that 25home's design fully considers the actual needs of dynamic families.


Wooden Frames

25home chooses larch as the main material for its wooden frames. Compared to common pine and birch, larch wood is finely textured with high density, giving it sufficient hardness and compressive strength. At the same time, the weight of larch is relatively light, and processing is also relatively easy. This ensures that wooden frames made of larch can provide sturdy support, withstand long-term use and weight pressure, and will not deform or break. In addition, larch contains natural fungicides that resist rot, fungi and insects, thereby extending the service life of the entire sofa. Overall, when durability, strength and weather resistance are needed, larch wood is an excellent frame material. Its attractive appearance is an added advantage.


Elastic Bands

The interior of the sofa's wooden frame also has 6 elastic bands added. The role of these bands is to further enhance the structural stability of the wooden frame and prevent undesirable deformation during long-term use. At the same time, the bands themselves have a certain elasticity and can stretch and contract within a small range when under pressure. This provides a cushioning effect for the sofa as a whole, weakening external shocks, making it feel more comfortable and soft when in use.

Terylene Mesh

Under the wooden frame is covered with terylene mesh, which is a lightweight, breathable and high-strength synthetic fiber material. The role of this layer of mesh is to enhance the support of the wooden frame and prevent sagging of springs and seat cushions when sitting for a long time, and to some extent can also block noise from springs and other components inside the base. At the same time, the mesh itself has strong air permeability and can play a role in heat dissipation, improving the ventilation of the base.

Sinuous Springs

The sofa uses high-density thick coil springs, which can provide adequate elastic support. They are made of large-gauge steel wires curved into continuous vertical S-shaped coils. Horizontal metal rods reinforce the coils to prevent displacement and sagging, and are secured to the frame using padded clamps and fasteners. This spring system gives the sofa a certain "cushioning" effect that can automatically adjust according to changes in body dynamics, providing a softer and more comfortable sitting sensation. The serpentine springs ensure that you won't sink down completely when you sit down, providing some feedback and a more layered sitting sensation.


Compared to metal materials, 25home chose wooden legs. This is mainly considering that the wooden surface is smoother and will not scratch the floor like metal legs. But the bearing capacity of wooden legs is weaker. If the overall weight of the sofa is too large, the wooden legs may also break. So the choice of leg materials needs to be considered comprehensively when designing the product.

Seat Cushion and Backrest Materials

The seat cushions use high-density foam, and the backrests use soft goose down. This combination gives the seat cushions both support and comfort. The high-density foam has good resilience to support weight without easily sagging; the fluffy surface of the goose down increases comfort. This sofa can comfortably support the human body for a long time without collapse. Natural goose down as filler does not require bleaching, is odorless, harmless to health, and has no allergens.


Fabric Selection

Different styles of sofas choose suitable fabrics. Faux leather and linen are suitable for places that need to be durable and dirt resistant, while genuine leather provides skin-friendly softness. Some products use removable linen covers for ease of cleaning and maintenance.


Technical fabric: Lightweight and odorless, with no pores, the grain is more regular, orderly and uniform, and the texture is not as pronounced as real leather. The touch is subtly different from real leather, more skin-friendly than real leather, not cold in winter or sticky in summer, with the texture of leather and the comfort of fabric.

The moisture permeability and heat conductivity are far better than real leather. It is fold resistant, wear resistant, waterproof, mildew resistant and non-deformable, with superior physical properties to real leather. At the same time, the fabric base is relatively more environmentally friendly. Excellent anti-aging performance, service life up to 5-10 years. Daily maintenance operations are simple without the need for maintenance.



It has the unique smell of leather and heavier weight. The pores are clear, the grain is natural, the texture distribution is different in different parts, not very uniform, and there are even scar-like textures in places, obvious granularity. The touch is smooth and soft, but the skin-friendliness of most leather is slightly worse than technical fabric.


Linen fabrics use natural fabrics made from linen plant fibers and have a natural original appearance and texture. Linen fabrics have excellent breathability and moisture absorption performance, making linen sofas cool and comfortable on hot days. In addition, it has antibacterial properties to resist mildew and bacteria growth to help sofas stay fresh. Linen's irregular wrinkled texture can hide stains and daily wear and tear without looking too dirty.


25home sofas also perform very well in other dimensions. Our sofa collections offer a variety of size, color and style options to ensure you can find the perfect sofa no matter your needs. We use a modular design that allows you to easily customize the sofa layout according to personal preferences, while being affordable, making quality furniture more accessible. Moreover, our sofas are not only beautiful but also easy to maintain, so you can enjoy sitting on them for a long time.


25home has made meticulous considerations in terms of size design. Their product line offers a rich variety of size and combination options, covering everything from medium-sized two-person sofas to spacious and comfortable large family U-sectionals. Each combination generally contains 2-4 typical sizes to choose from. The wide range of sizes perfectly meets the needs of different builds and room sizes, whether you are tall or have a smaller space, you can find a suitable product at 25home.

At the same time, each size is carefully ergonomically designed and tested to ensure users get the optimal comfort experience. Therefore, the abundant size options undoubtedly provide great convenience and practicality for users' selection.



25home also offers a wide variety of colors in its designs. The colors cover neutral, cool, warm, and bright bold palettes across different spectra. Each product series contains about 3-6 colors to choose from. This caters to the color scheme needs of different styled homes, whether you prefer cool, neutral and cool tones, passionate warm colors, or bright and vibrant hues, you can find suitable color options at 25home. At the same time, these colors are carefully coordinated by professional designers, with no visual overstimulation, and different shades combine in a very harmonious and beautiful way. Therefore, the abundant color choices provide users with greater freedom.

Modular Design

Modular design is a major feature and selling point of 25home products. Its products adopt a modular design concept and provide a wealth of functional units in different shapes and forms. In addition to the available loveseat, sectional, u-sectional and corner sectional combinations, users can DIY assemble and arrange the units according to personal preferences and needs for space and style, creating the final shape of the finished sofa, such as creatively curved shapes, futuristic angular designs, etc. This modular customization highlights individuality and completely meets users' personalization needs.

Affordable Pricing

25Home's direct-from-manufacturer model does what so-called direct-to-consumer (DTC) furniture brands never could. 25Home doesn't outright reject the DTC model but it does succeed in doing what no DTC furniture brands have managed thus far: truly removing the middleman in order to pass the savings on to the consumer.

Diverse Styles

Different product series feature unique design styles, overall covering minimalist, industrial, Scandinavian, and contemporary popular looks and more. This allows 25home's products to easily match a wide variety of interior design and decoration styles. It also offers a rich assortment of chairs, stools and ottomans to further enrich furniture combination possibilities in different styles, providing users with more choices.

Easy Maintenance

25home fully considers the daily use and maintenance needs in product material selection and manufacturing. Their products can withstand a certain degree of daily wear and tear and accidents, and some products feature removable covers, making cleaning and maintenance extremely easy. This is undoubtedly a very user-friendly design for busy families with kids or pets.



Through the meticulous selection of materials and structural design, 25home successfully strikes a perfect balance between comfort and durability in their sofa collections. The integrated wooden frames provide robust support; elastic steel bands enhance stability; sinuous springs offer cushioning suspension. Premium fabrics like linen and leather not only ensure visual elegance but also easy maintenance.

With their versatile modular components, ergonomic contours, and family-friendly features, 25home sofas cater to the diverse needs of busy modern households. The brand philosophy of creating wholesome furniture for the entire family is reflected through human-centric designs. By blending sleek, contemporary outlines with natural Scandinavian elements, their products perfectly fuse quality and aesthetics.

Overall, 25home is an excellent choice for multifunctional, durable sofas that provide exceptional comfort while matching diverse decorative schemes. With a focus on human-centered functionality and quality craftsmanship, 25home aims to create more than just furniture, but an inviting platform that brings families together.