Furniture Company 25Home Introduces the Cocoa Cloud Brown Leather Sofa for the Perfect Blend of Modern Design and Enhanced Comfort

Premium designs at radically fair prices—that is the founding principle of 25Home’s company philosophy. Started by a group of friends frustrated with sparse options and overpriced furniture, 25Home provides a wide range of modern choices with exceptional craftsmanship.The founders of direct-from-manufacturer furniture company 25Home believe everyone deserves access to stylish, high-quality furniture that doesn’t break the bank. With a mission to ensure affordability doesn't require compromising style or quality, the company employs a team of skilled designers, engineers, and manufacturers to create pieces that enhance any living space.

“At 25Home, we believe that life is meant to be savored, and every moment deserves to be cherished,” the company’s founders said. “We understand that furniture is an extension of your unique personality and aspirations. Each piece you choose becomes a canvas to express who you are and what you value.”

Introducing the Cocoa Cloud Brown Leather Sofa Set

The latest addition to’s incredible selection of furniture is the Cocoa Cloud Brown Leather Sofa. This genuine leather modern couch comes in a variety of customizable sizes, colors, and materials. Customers can ensure their furniture is built for the space by ordering directly from the manufacturer. Use the code “comfy” when ordering for a 10% discount.

With sturdy construction, precise artisanal stitching, and only 10-15 minutes of assembly required in-home, the company delivers more than furniture; it delivers indulgent comfort, unique style, and a new backdrop for customers to experience their lives.

“Escape into the Cocoa Cloud Brown Leather Sofa, which earns its name from the sublime comfort of its feather and foam-padded seats and arms,” 25Home representatives said. “Upholstered in premium Italian leather in a rich solid brown, this sofa surrounds you in quality and character reminiscent of hand-crafted Tuscan wares.”

Cocoa Cloud Features

  • The seat structure is made from layers of variable-density, high-resilience polyurethane foam with a core insert of steel pocket springs. The solid structure and fluffy layers of padding combine to create a comfortable sofa that offers peak comfort and won’t deform with wear.
  • Backrest cushions are padded with siliconized microfiber that allows for low friction, optimal body weight distribution, and outstanding comfort.
  • The sofa’s headrest is constructed with a counterweight to help ensure all elements stay where they should.
  • The upholstery is completely removable for the cushions, backrest, and structure after detaching the metal perimeter base.
  • A perimeter frame and feet made from metal with either a chrome finish or varnished polished anti-fingerprint bronze. 25Home also offers buyers a choice for sofa foot height of 8.5 cm or 11.5cm.
  • The inclined armrests are crafted with a tray for the armrest. The structure is comprised of curved aluminum clad in saddle-hide.

Indulgent Comfort and Incredible Construction

The Cocoa Cloud Brown Leather Sofa from 25Home comes standard as a 124-inch soft with an overall height of 34 inches and an overall depth of 41 inches. The sofa is crafted with a solid larch wood frame and serpentine springs capable of supporting up to 500 pounds per seat.

“The sofa provides up to ten years of unwavering comfort and support thanks to its premium materials and expert craftsmanship," 25Home representatives said.

The secret to the sofa’s comfort is the filling. The Cocoa Cloud Sofa features a layer of foam sponge and a layer of feather down, resulting in cushions bouncy enough to support the body and soft enough to let users sink into the couch. The sofa’s design includes inclined armrests, which offer unparalleled comfort in numerous seating positions.

"Feather down filling outclasses synthetic or polyester foam alternatives in terms of all-weather comfort, durability, breathability, luxurious aesthetic, and an unsurpassed soft, cloud-like cushioned feel,” the company’s designers said.

Premium Stain-Resistant and Waterproof Italian Leather

The Cocoa Cloud line is crafted with genuine Italian leather, though vegan leather options are available. Over time, leather develops a graceful patina. The patina customers can expect with the Cocoa Cloud is as smooth and supple as cocoa butter. The precise, durable artisanal hand stitching ensures this sofa is built to maintain shape and function through daily use. The leather throw pillows with the Cocoa Cloud set have breathable perforations and a convenient, removable cover for hassle-free cleaning.


Visit the company’s website,, to learn more about the Cocoa Cloud Brown Leather Sofa or the diverse range of furniture available directly from the manufacturer. Reach out on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter (X) to connect with the brand on social media. Videos and photos of 25Home furniture are available on YouTube and Pinterest.

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