The Future of Leather:Introduction to Air Leather

An innovative and advanced alternative to leather. The breathable and durable fabric for comfort.

Air Leather is a new type of fabric, that combines the appearance and texture of real leather and the breathability of the cotton. It is a fiber product known as breathable fabric.

Air Leather is welcomed by environmentalists and animal protectors. Its manufacturing process of it is more environmentally friendly than real leather. This faux leather is also a great alternative for consumers who don't want to buy products that are harmful to animals.

Moreover, the price of real leather is rising annually. Air Leather allows consumers to achieve the best results with the least budget without compromising functionality or durability.

 What should we know about all the leathers?

  • Real Leather

Leather is a non-perishable animal skin obtained by physical and chemical processing. It has a grain layer and feels comfortable to touch. Leather needs careful maintenance, otherwise, it is easy to crack. In addition, the breathability of leather is not ideal. When you sit on it, you will find that your legs will stick to it.

  • Bonded Leather

Bonded leather is made from a fiber or paper-backed laminate covered with a layer of shredded leather fibers, mixed with polyurethane adhesive, and embossed with a leather-like texture. It is more environmentally friendly than leather because it reuses leftover leather. However, it is not as durable as leather and is difficult to repair when it's worn or damaged.

  • PU

PU leather is an imitation leather made of polyurethane, widely used for bags, clothing, shoes, vehicles, and furniture decoration. PU leather is waterproof, cheap, and low-maintenance. However, PU leather is easy to wear, easy to dye, and hard to clean.

  • PVC

PVC leather is made from leftover materials, churned, and re-pressed. Compared with PU leather, PVC leather is more wear-resistant. However, PVC has poor breathability and slip resistance. 

Among all the faux leather, Air Leather is the best alternative to real leather.

Air Leather is neither genuine leather nor bonded leather. It is a human-made leather made of new material. It is waterproof, stain-proof, and wear-resistant. It effectively avoids the disadvantages of other leathers.

It is breathable and incredibly soft. When you sit on it, it feels like sinking into the cloud. It has the appearance of leather, but the price is similar to the cloth. 

It does not need maintenance. Genuine leather requires regular maintenance because the humidity and temperature of the room may affect the life of the leather. But Air Leather can be very durable without maintenance.