How to Decorate Living Room

It's important to be clear about the overall design style you want. Each style has its own unique ambience, and you need to choose the one that best matches your personal preferences and lifestyle as the basis for your living room design. Modern minimalist style gives a fresh and clean feeling; European classic style conveys elegance and traditional beauty; while oriental Zen style creates a tranquil and elegant atmosphere. Different styles will directly affect the subsequent rules of selection, arrangement and decoration.

As the center of the living room, the style and material of the sofa will deeply affect the style of the entire space. Therefore, when buying a sofa, you must consider the degree of matching with the expected style. For example, All Leather for the light luxury style; Plume Sofa for the modern minimalist style; Sandwich Sectional for the Nordic style.

In addition to the style, but also consider the size of the living room space, a reasonable choice of sofa models. If the space is large, you can choose U-type or L-type combination of sofas, increasing the visual sense of spaciousness. For the small space of the living room, you can add a multi-functional ottoman stool to create more practicality.

Material directly affects the atmosphere, but also consider the daily demand
Different materials also create different atmospheres. Leather and air leather have a high gloss, more upscale texture; fabric sofas give people a warm and friendly feeling. In addition, the choice of material should also take into account the needs of daily use. For example, families with children or pets, leather and air leather cleaning and maintenance is easy. In contrast, fabric sofa covers can be removed and washed, will be more convenient.

Accent Chair
Accent chair can be very good to enrich the level of the whole living room. You can choose the same style as the sofa accent chair, so that the whole space is more harmonized. But a single style is also easy to lose the change, so I suggest that you can add one or two pieces of the sofa style is very different from the single chair, for the space to increase the interest. Such as adding PUMPKIN SWIVEL ACCENT CHAIR or CATERPILLAR LAZY SOFA this kind of bold and innovative single chair, can be complemented with the regular style of the sofa, for the living room space to inject vitality.

Coffee table and TV stand
Coffee table and TV cabinet in addition to the practicality of strong, with the use of space can also strengthen the overall style. It is usually recommended to choose the same style with the sofa coffee table TV cabinet, so that the entire living room style more coordinated. But if you want to add some changes, you can also try to add some slightly different from the main style of the coffee table or TV cabinet, to create a pleasant surprise of the eye-catching trend. For example, the simple lines of the MODERN WOOD LIVING ROOM SET suit the modern style well, without too many patterns and colors. The design and materials of the SINTERED-STONE TOP LIVING ROOM SET match the light luxury style.

Design of the living room need to consider many aspects, but the key is to determine a favorite style as a guide, and then around this style to choose the shape, material, layout, the maximum possible to create an atmosphere in line with personal expectations. On the basis of style consistency, appropriate to add some small changes, can make the space more interesting. 

In general, a good living room design need to find a balance: both the style of uniformity and beauty, but also to have the level of change; both in line with their own needs, but also to have a sense of design and new ideas. Only in this way, in order to make their homes full of life, become a pleasant and cozy space.