HYGGE WHITE SECTIONAL LOUNGER: A Perfect Blend of Functionality and Aesthetics

YouTube influencer @houseandholm, happily married to her middle school sweetheart and a mother of three, shares her passion for interior design with her audience on her channel from time to time. After purchasing their first home, she regularly documents her experiences and insights on home renovations and interior decor in her videos.

At the beginning of 2023, @houseandholm shared a new project with her audiences, focusing on decorating her home for the New Year. Additionally, she reviewed and evaluated the HYGGE WHITE SECTIONAL LOUNGER, a sofa from 25HOME, emphasizing its practicality and aesthetic appeal. Coming up here, let’s get a closer look at the sofa details from two main perspectives with @houseandholm.


  • Ample Seating Space

The sofa offers generous seating capacity, comfortably accommodating a family of five plus a dog. The added chaise lounge provides ample space for lying down or reclining. “We love it so much. It is the coziest sofa I have ever sat on. It's so beautiful and it's much larger than the one we had before, so it fits our family so much better”, @houseandholm said so in her video.

  • Removable and Washable Covers

According to @houseandholm, “The Hygge white sectional lounger from 25HOME is super comfy, soft and easy to clean. This sofa is slipcovered, which is a must-have for our family so you can take the cushion covers off for washing.” Coming with zipper design, all of the covers can be easily removed. Just take the covers off and throw them in the washing machine, the sofa would be as clean and new just like a brand new sofa! More importantly, the removable covers make the sofa friendly to families with children and pets.

  • High-Quality Linen Fabric

“The beautiful linen they chose is jeans-friendly, sparing you the trouble of cleaning stains. It's also unimaginably durable. As a natural fiber, linen is breathable, pliable, soft, and skin-friendly, making this fabric perfect for pets and children. Not only that, the cushion covers are scratch resistant stain resistant, and waterproof.”

  • Comfortable Cushioning

The sofa is filled with a combination of feather down and high-density foam, offering a soft, comfortable seating experience with excellent elasticity. The softness can be easily felt in the review, “Upholstered with an abundant soft down and HD foam, the Hygge sectional lounger is more comfortable than we had ever imagined.”

  • Sturdy Construction

The sofa is supported by a solid wood frame, ensuring durability. It can withstand a maximum weight of 1400 pounds, equivalent to 9.2 times the body weight of an average human.


  • Elegant White Tone

The sofa's overall white color scheme creates a bright, clean, and cozy atmosphere, perfectly complementing @houseandholm's neutral home decor. As she said, “We love the way this sofa has brightened our living room and added an extra level of coziness and comfort for our family and guests.”

  • Winter-inspired Appeal

From @houseandholm’s professional insights on home decor, “I am really looking forward to styling this sofa throughout every season. But in the winter I just wanted those winter whites mixed in with some of those khakis and creams to make it just feel really warm and airy and inviting, especially when the winter months tend to be just cloudy and dreary. I wanted to kind of bring the sunshine into our home with the way that I styled this space.”

The sofa's design resonates with the winter season, adding a touch of seasonal charm to the space. The accompanying soft and comfortable throw pillows contribute to a cozy ambiance.

  • Perfectly Proportioned

As stated by the influencer, the sofa's generous dimensions not only seamlessly integrate into the living room, but also strikes the right balance between comfort and space utilization. 

“There's five of us and a dog and when we all pile up we really just want to be cozy and comfortable and not like stacked up on top of each other like we were on our last sofa.”

“I absolutely love how bright and airy this space is for the winter season and how perfectly the beautiful new sectional from 25Home just fits this space and our overall aesthetic.”



@houseandholm, a dedicated mother and interior design enthusiast, regularly shares her home renovation and decor experiences with her audience. In a recent video, she showcased her New Year home decor project while reviewing the HYGGE WHITE SECTIONAL LOUNGER from 25Home. The sofa's practical features, including its spaciousness, removable covers, comfortable cushioning, and sturdy construction, make it an excellent choice for families. Its elegant white tone, perfect size, and winter-inspired aesthetics beautifully complement any living room decor. By incorporating the HYGGE WHITE SECTIONAL LOUNGER into her home, @houseandholm has created a cozy and inviting space that reflects her personal style. Whether you're seeking functionality or aesthetics, this sofa proves to be a versatile addition to any living space.