Supply chain of furniture production process is extremely complicated, which makes it more important for us to scrutinize our suppliers regularly and disclose the details publicly. We pledge that buying 25Home furniture brings you not only a good product but a vote for a better world.

What is a Transparent Supply Chain?

A transparent supply chain is one in which a company maintains open, honest, and accessible communication with the public. A supply chain without transparency means instant and proper action is hard to take on environmental and human rights abuses. Transparency makes a better world.

25Home, as a company with social responsibility, commit to leading sustainable lifestyles through our operations, experiences, and innovations for the benefit of human and the Earth. We believe in the truth that companies have the responsibility to communicate with consumers about even, and especially, the sensitive topics. Therefore, we are here to reveal our real production process and our efforts on human rights and environmental issues.

25Home Cares Human- Labor Rights


25Home supply chain will not let gender, race, religion, age, physical condition, sexual orientation, national origin, marital or reproductive status, personal background, or political opinion affect employment decision, wages, benefits, promotion, termination, or retirement. 25Home believes everyone is born equal.

Health and Safety

25Home supply chain selects facilities that provide a safe and healthy work environment for workers, including adequate facilities and protection from exposure to hazardous conditions or materials.

Harassmentand Abuse

All employees in the 25Home supply chain will not be subjected to any physical, sexual, psychological or verbal harassment or abuse. The factory will not impose fines as disciplinary action and will not retaliate against employees for expressing their opinions.

Child Labor

25Home supply chain will not employ anyone under the age of 15; and/or under the age of completion of compulsory education; or the minimum age for employment under the applicable laws of the country of manufacture, if higher than 15 years of age. We will not place any person under 18 in an unsafe or unhealthy working environment.

Forced Labor

25Home supply chain will not employ any involuntary labor, including prison labor, indentured labor, bonded labor, or labor obtained through human trafficking or slavery.

Wage and Benefits

25Home determines wages, overtime pay, and allowances in accordance with applicable law.


25Home supply chain limits working hours according to applicable law and will not force workers to work overtime in any form.

25Home Cares Planet- Environmental Issues

Lower Impact Materials

25Home refuses to use synthetic materials that are harmful to the air environment and insists on using low-impact, environmentally friendly recycled materials. We strive to reduce the negative environmental effects of wood, fabric, metal, and plastics.

Animal Protection

Among 25Home products, only 6.25% used leather, the rest of which adopt high-tech leather alternatives, such as air leather and Nappa leather. 25Home devote to minimizing animal abuse and resources waste in the production process.


25Home supply chain insists on reducing the organic and metallic substances in industrial wastewater before discharge, minimizing the pollution of rivers, oceans, and land.