Luxe Living: A Glimpse into 25Home's Sintered-Stone

In the realm of contemporary elegance and functional sophistication, 25Home introduces its latest masterpiece – the Luxe Sintered-Stone Dining Table with a Gold-Accent Base. This meticulously crafted ensemble, inclusive of a smooth tabletop reminiscent of natural marble and six optional PU leather chairs, redefines the standard of luxury in home furnishings.

Authentic Stone Texture

The Luxe Sintered-Stone Dining Table boasts a smooth tabletop, meticulously designed to replicate the grandeur of natural marble. Swirling gray veins dance across the surface, captivating the eye and creating an ambiance of timeless sophistication. The smooth matte finish accentuates the raw stone-like quality, showcasing natural gray tones with exquisite detail that beckons a closer look. Glide your fingers along the sintered stone surface, appreciating the authentic texture and depth of color that masterfully mimics real marble. Crafted from an eco-friendly stone mix, this dining table not only exudes opulence but also allows for direct food contact, harmonizing style with sustainability.

Industrial Chic Base

The foundation of this dining masterpiece lies in its sleek crossed legs crafted from radiant gold metal. Beyond providing sturdy support, these legs lend a subtle industrial vibe, creating a harmonious blend of modern aesthetics and timeless elegance. The unique combination of natural marble beauty and engineered durability elevates the Luxe Sintered-Stone Dining Table, making it the focal point of any dining room with unmatched sophistication.

PU Leather Chair

Complete the dining experience with the inclusion of the Gullichsen Chair – a marvel of sleek design and eco-conscious materials. As you sink into the plush PU leather, your body is embraced by its ergonomic curves. The durable carbon steel legs, both slim and sturdy, contribute to the chair's elegant form. The Gullichsen Chair is not just a seat; it's a commitment to sustainable comfort, aligning seamlessly with 25Home's dedication to quality and style.


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